Friday, 9 March 2012

Charge of The List‎ in abscond GM :

 The Vancouver Olympic hockey tourney began long ahead, ... I look at the young kids up in Edmonton and on the (New York) Islanders, for example.
Hockey Canada puts Olympic heat on NHL‎
Strong case for NHL involvement‎ 
Hockey Canada goes on Sochi power play‎ 

NHL drags heels on Games‎:

The Vancouver Olympic tournament.Currently hold down the three spots in the rankings Russia, Finland and Sweden. Strong results at the 2012.
Hockey Canada puts Olympic heat on NHL‎

Monday, 13 June 2011

Vancouver Olympics host agency to pay

A Nova Scotia Crown hotel rooms that night and hockey tickets is $ 724 that the $775 business executives in the Vancouver Olympics host agency to pay.

Documents obtained by Canadian Press say Stephen Lund of Nova Scotia Business Inc's chief executive and one of their staff members of the gold medal hockey game took four business prospects and put them in three hotels.

Three executives of $775 tickets for the game winning goal by Sidney Crosby's famous and they cost the same on the closing ceremony tickets.

invited guests to play and $ 500 worth of tickets for closing ceremony received a
$550 set.

Overall, the trip around 57000 tickets for all guests Olympic hotels and some entertainment expenses invited to Nova Scotia Business Inc., which invest in.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Vancouver Olympics, Canucks fans happy factor surpasses

Cold wet weather in Vancouver today and was sad, but your streets "infectious joy" does not know it by.

Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup playoffs city and for many host 2010 Winter Olympics is a very nice ceremony.

Kerry Jang, a Vancouver city councilor and a British professor of psychiatry at Columbia University said that even when there on a separate sports for thousands converged on Vancouver than in the city feel.

Jang said, "I think the big difference is the fact this is really our team. The Canadian team is ours in a broader sense, but here we have a personal connection with each one of the players of the Canucks".

And you can feel it in the streets. He said an "infectious happiness" that's something that alcohol problems during the Olympic ceremony fuel is not looks.

He laughed, "In the Olympics, some people were smiling, some people were drunk".

Vancouver lawyer and Canuck superfan Jennifer Chow said that he and the Boston Bruins at Vancouver Olympic victory ceremony expecting contrast between them can see.

"There's a huge difference because on game day, and even on non-game days, you can walk around the City of Vancouver and people are wearing their Canucks jerseys and their Canucks T-shirts and we all high-five each other, we all shout at each other and say 'Go Canucks.'"

Andrew Nicholson41 years old is a fan wearing his crazy Canuck's playoffs almost every day.

He attached a Canucks flag carries a hockey stick. He pointed blue baby blue and green hair made ​​her face and Canucks Jersey with her ​​for pictures with many fans is requested.

He said, "There are a lot of die-hard Canuck fans".

And while the Olympics were "huge" Nicholson said Stanley Cup for some Vancouver fans have waited 40 years.

"I would probably say that there's a lot more going for the Canucks than there was for the Olympics for Vancouver."

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Manley an emotional issue for Vancouver Olympics

Twenty two year's statistics between Elizabeth Manley's silver medal in figure skating lapse at the Calgary Olympic and Rochette's bronze last year in Vancouver to be.

Here for Canadian women were no interim Olympic medals, and her mother's death when Rochette won the day after it saw almost no one who was emotional for.

In particular, Manley, the Vancouver game with ovarian cancer in 2008 had lost their mother to an analyst.

Manley said during a recent visit to Exeter, "I understood the impact that can have on a person emotionally, and even physically".

"So for me to be there and to be a part of watching her overcome that moment and everything she was going through was just amazing to me."

Warriner in the NHL played 10 seasons, a member of the Toronto maple Leafs Air Canada Centre as the first round.

Warriner said, "When Kathy called (to ask me to take part in the ESC carnival) I laughed because I said I thought I was going to hang up my skates for good, but here I am again".

"It's always fun to do them, and a pleasure to be here today.

Warriner comes from what he calls a "figure-skating family" - his mother was a professional coach - but said he was surprised to be invited to take part in "Battle of the Blades."

He added, "But it was a pleasure. My partner was incredible. She's a hard worker, and she was always prepared and it's just one of those things - I'll always have great memories of it."

Fact shows the relationship between flare stars are known for, but with Warriner said no there was not Brasseur.

He said, "There were days when we weren't getting much accomplished that we just decided that was the end of the day, but for the most part, no. If you can't get along with Isabelle then it's your own fault.

"She's just one of those people that's just the salt of the earth - really nice human being, and works extremely hard."

Warriner is retired from hockey but hockey Todd Warriner station in Chatham, a synthetic training facility for young people which includes two runs to his parents.

Warriner said, "It's a great facility. We're really proud to have been able to take it over and ... we added some things to it, so it's what I'm doing on a daily basis now."

Monday, 14 February 2011

The Olympian attempt to stage the Games

For all the animated and keen speeches he has given about the Vancouver Olympics, John Furlong has a secret.

He almost breaks into a cold sweat whenever he has to make a public address. Churning stomach, dry mouth, jittery nerves, you name it, the head of the Vancouver Olympic managing board has experienced it over the course of the hundreds of addresses he's had to give over the last decade.

An powerfully private man, he hates to be the centre of concentration. And yet those speeches and the storytelling fervour with which he delivered them helped galvanize a Canadian public not familiar to showing overt partisanship. It was that loyalty, spilling over in the form of red mittens, flags hung in windows and an almost frivolous sense of public joy, that sparked Furlong to want to write about his experiences organizing the compound 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Zoe Gillings finishes seventh in World Championships

The women's Snowboard-cross World championships was going on in Spain where Zoe Gillings finish a creditable seventh,she made an impressive come back after recovering from a serious knee injury.

In last year's Vancouver Olympics she finished eighth but sustained the injury that subsequently required surgery.

Gillings said: "I'm pretty pleased. I've had virtually no training at all this season so to finish seventh in the world is good. I made a few annoying mistakes but I had no ill effects from my injury.

"I don't know what I have to do to get funding, to be honest. I've finished eighth in the Olympics and improved to seventh here. Hopefully this shows someone I do have the potential to get a medal in Sochi.''

Friday, 14 January 2011

Canadians to Share Personal Vancouver 2010 Stories, Videos and Photos

Dhe forthcoming one year anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games,for the celebration of it.CTV is insisting Canadians to contribute their favourite Vancouver 2010 stories, videos and photos.

An a special anniversary website at has been launched where Canadians are urge to share how they watched and experienced Vancouver 2010.

During a 90-minute Vancouver 2010 Anniversary Show,the photos,videos and stories are going to be select airing nationally on CTV on February 13 (show details to be announced in the coming weeks).

Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. said that,“For 17 days, we experienced the drama that touched the hearts of Canadians and united the country. There are so many untold, wonderful stories. We wanted to give Canadians a chance to be part of this celebration and tell the rest of the country what Vancouver 2010 meant to them."

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

London organisers urged to replicate Vancouver “passion”

According to official memos,despite the issues of transport and food last year's Winter Games in Vancouver was successful.

According to the memos, Volunteers at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics were “not enough looked after. The Games’ colour scheme was also criticised for being “pale and too complex” while audience also found it complicated to get to venues due to poor signage.

However, the memos also confirmed that the free Robson Square live sites were “a huge success”, the security plan worked well, and the Vancouver public helped to elevate the Games.

Organisers of the London 2012 Olympics need to replicate the “passion” of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games to ensure the success of the event, according to officials from the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Warm Winter Olympics makes top 10 list of weather stories for 2010

Top 10 Canadian weather stories of 2010 has been released by environment Canada.The Winter Olympics in Vancouver had been targeted number # 1 in the list.

Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips had selected saying the weather in Vancouver also "owned the podium", in addition to the athletes.

Earl, Igor and Tomas are the others several storms which Phillips also indicate on his list.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Vancouver Olympics render

According to the new government sponsored studies, Vancouver 2010 Winter Games not only brought home a heavy medal haul for Canada, it turned out to be a rousing financial success for Canada and British Columbia.

The studies revealed the Olympic and Paralympic Games released on Friday before the Vancouver Organizing Committee unveiled its final financial.

VANOC said, "$1.884 billion in operations resulted in neither surplus nor deficit, and that the $603-million venue development program also came in on budget"

The federal minister Gary Lunn said, "It is clear in these reports that hosting the 2010 Winter Games has created lasting legacies that will benefit Canadians for years to come".

B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen said, "We've always believed that the Games would provide the catalyst for economic, social, and athletic development provincially and nationally. These preliminary results are significant, and we know that when we measure 2010 fully, we'll see that British Columbia got an even more powerful economic lift from the Games, just when we needed it most."